The South Quesnel Business Association (SQBA) has been in operation since 2002.  The association is funded by a levy on businesses within a defined boundary area set up by the first board of directors for the association.  Businesses within the boundary area pay a levy amount based on their land and buildings total property value.  The association was formed to complete revitalization and marketing projects in the boundary area to increase the total number of customers shopping in the business area; while also revitalizing the business area through beautification projects.

Board of Directors

Executive Director: Kayla Kinloch

Mailing address:  PO Box 4324 Quesnel BC V2J 3J3
Tel: 250.255.5865
Email: southquesnel@gmail.com
Email for magazine or marketing initiatives: southquesnelmagazine@gmail.com

The association has completed a number of projects.  Project activities completed include:

1)    Developed logo

2)    Developed a kiosk (information board) at Wal-Mart

3)    Developed signage at the top of Dragon Lake hill identifying the business area

4)    Partnered with the City of Quesnel to install entrance signage to the municipality

5)    Partnered with Community Futures to bring Heddy Bing to Quesnel and provided additional assistance to two businesses

6)    Participated in Moonlight Madness for five years

7)    Assisted organization of car show in Maple Park Mall for two years

8)    Participated in the Heart and Stroke campaign

9)    Participated in the provincial organization for BIA’s – BIABC

10) Attended annual provincial conferences for BIABC

11) Developed business directory for South Quesnel

12) Developed tear away map of the South Quesnel area

13) Applied for grants to assist in the beautification of South Quesnel

14) Partnered with the two other business associations in Quesnel to work on common projects

15) Installed painted garbage can and bench at Wal-Mart kiosk

16) Installed art sculptures at Sandman Hotel and Frank’s Supermarket

17) Issued window decals to all businesses in South Quesnel area

18) Continued outreach to businesses in South Quesnel area

19) Installed signage for the Quesnel Go-Kart Association directing visitors to the track from Hwy 97

20) Investigated banners/baskets and other city partnership opportunities

21) Investigated brake check area development for South Quesnel area

22) Held a Canada Day event for Quesnel residents in the Wal-Mart parking lot in 2007 and further participated in 2011municipal Canada Day activities

23) Sparked a go-green campaign and initiative to reduce bag use in South Quesnel with plans to stop using plastic bags in 2012

24) Partnered with the Quesnel Downtown Association on the Community Adjustment Fund (2009/2010) to support mural development and revitalization

25) Partnered with the City of Quesnel to install a bus stop on Newman Rd

26) Partnered with RCMP, Downtown and West BIA’s in purchasing bikes for officers to complete bike patrols in Quesnel

27) Installed art beautification projects at Canadian Tire (photo mosaic mural of Old Quesnel log) and Iron Cowboys and Barkerville scene on Motherlode Truck Wash

28) Lead sponsor of the 2013 &2014 BCRA Finals in Quesnel

29) Host annual outdoor movie event that helps raise funds for cause in the community

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